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XFactor 2010 – Part One

Many of my Twitter and Facebook followers came on this amazing journey of XFactor 2010 with me, in fact, that is one of the things that made the experience so exciting. But for those of you that didn’t, or for those of you who’d like to re-live the excitement again, I thought I’d commit the story to writing.

How the ‘Twittering’ began:

Two of my lovliest friends, Jaiman Taylor and James Shoreland suggested to me at the beginning of 2010 that I should start tweeting to help ‘spread the word’ about Name Art. On the 4th February 2010 I joined and decided to try and find out what it was all about. I quickly got just *ever so slightly* addicted as I realised that it was a huge, friendly, network full of supportive, funny, wise people willing to give lots of feedback. I was also surprised by how responsive celebrities were.

First contact with Dannii Minogue:

I started to ‘follow’ a number of celebrities, one of whom was Dannii Minogue. When Dannii had her baby in July 2010 I designed a piece of artwork with Ethan’s name making the shape of a kangaroo. When Dannii was next tweeting I sent her a tweet with the image file for her to see. I was stunned that she not only replied…but she also started following me back. To this day she still only follows 209 out of her 598588 followers…and I am still *whispers* one of the lucky few. She sent me a message privately, thanking me for the present and giving me an address to send it to.

When Dannii received the gift, she publically tweeted a photo and a thank you to me:


This exposure alone gained Name Art a lot of lovely followers and comments from the thousands of people following Dannii.

More of the story next time :)


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