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XFactor 2010 – Part Two

Dannii Minogue Asks for Artwork

Dannii sent me a message saying that she had shown my kangaroo artwork for Ethan to one of her artist friends in Australia who thought it was very clever. She said that she would like a piece of artwork for backstage at XFactor as the dressing rooms are very dull. She wanted the artwork to incorporate the words ‘Team Minogue’. Dannii is known as ‘The Style Queen’ and I immediately thought of the stiletto idea and started sketching. This is what I created:

I tweeted the idea to Dannii and she fell in love with it instantly…there wasn’t anything that she wanted changing. So, I got two 60x60x4cm canvases printed and stretched and I posted them to Dannii at XFactor…on one I put a personal message wishing Team Minogue good luck. I didn’t know what would become of it and thought that might have been the last I heard of the canvas. However…

Name Art is Spotted…Everywhere!

…then the excitment began! The first time we spotted the stiletto canvas was in this photo of all of Team Minogue with Gok Wan:

I was beside myself with excitement and immediately showed all my Facebook and Twitter followers, but then she tweeted a close up photo of the canvas (the one with the website message!) for all her followers to see:

It got to the point where each Saturday, I couldn’t wait to see what Dannii would do next because it seemed that each week she would show it off in one way or another.

Here she is with it in another photo that she tweeted:

For me, the excitement built because, not only did she keep show-casing my canvas, Team Minogue were also doing really well.

After the XFactor semi-finals you can imagine how excited I was when Dannii tweeted this video…it was the stuff that dreams are made of! The video was posted all over the internet and gathered a lot of interest and followers for Name Art.

Believe it or not, Dannii still took it one step further…but find out about that in the next part of my blog!

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7 Responses to XFactor 2010 – Part Two

  1. Jackie Turner says:

    Wow! How incredibly clever :) I love it.

  2. It must be so thrilling to see your work on public display & to receive such praise from a celebrity.
    I sometimes get the impression that celebs take the receipt of items for free for granted however it seems that Ms Minogue is not one of these & really appreciates the work you have done.
    I love the canvas you designed & might now have to get one for our family!

  3. Ralph (itsmewizzard) says:

    your word arts are great and they really capture the person as well as the theme. found you through a friends blog @mummybarrow for linking to you in her blog, great stuff here.

  4. oooh oooh oohh i love all your stuff – LOVE it –

  5. Bruce Barrow says:

    Not a huge fan of Mr Cardle I have to say, but really rather impressed with your work and the fact that Dannii makes a point of featuring it in her shots – I think that says a lot about her. She wanted the place livening up, and your stuff certainly does that.

  6. beth paton says:

    i love your stuff its very good indeed xxxx

  7. Supersizer1 says:

    I think that’s really cool! I wish something like that would happen to me one day! I have done some artwork for Sue Perkins a while back, and gave her copies, so it would be awesome if she ever showed it off!

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