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Our Lounge Wall…

A couple of years ago, I designed this canvas for our lounge wall. I love it and it’s a real conversation point. It’s enormous (6ft wide) and was quite costly to print…but worth every penny. You’ll learn all sorts of things about me/us just by looking at it!

I have never offered them on my site because there are lots of people offering similar things and I hate the thought of ‘stepping on anyone’s toes’…but I just wanted to share it with you.

I also created this one for my wonderful Grandma.

Grandad is suffering from a horrible form of dementia which makes it hard to remember what a wonderful, proud man he really is. With the help of my 3 brothers we came up with lovely memories that we have of Grandad and Grandma…they won’t make much sense to you, but to all of us they mean a lot. I hope that my Grandma is able to read it on ‘difficult days’ and remember all the happy times we’ve shared and the loving man that my Grandad really is. He really is a wonderful man and dementia is an incredibly cruel disease. Grandma has the canvas at the bottom of her stairs. The only problem is, there has been a few additions to the family since I made it…so it might need to be updated one day!

I won’t put them on the website because they are too bespoke an item and each one is so very different…but, if you ever wanted one, please don’t hesitate to ask. My work was really only for family presents, but so many people have commented that I thought I should share!

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One Response to Our Lounge Wall…

  1. Kerri says:

    I actually did something similar – with my sons first 30 words, so that when he was a chattering 4 year old I would remember the choo choos and the quack quacks! I love them, and I do lust after Lisa’s work though!
    Well done you

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