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Blowing My Own Trumpet…

I don’t think I’m alone when I say that I am seriously rubbish at blowing my own trumpet! I think lots of lovely makers and artists struggle to promote their own work…mainly out of politeness…perhaps, I don’t know. My frustration is, I have an idea and I execute it…I make a little bit of fuss about telling people about it…then someone has a similiar idea and is better at blowing their trumpet louder. I fear this is making no sense…

So… can I just have a little moment to say how incredibly proud I am of my #Addict mug.


At first, I called it a #TwitterAddict mug, but then thought I should check out the legalities of it. I had this lovely email from twitter:

Thanks for checking in.  We don’t allow for our marks to be used on merchandise, but I think the bird you’re using is different enough that it shouldn’t be confusing.  However, because it’s not ok to use “twitter” in the name of your product, please do not use #twitteraddict.  More about our marks can be found at

I felt thrilled that my design had been approved. From then on, it became the #Addict mug. I had a local man printing the mugs for me, one at a time, but it quickly became apparent that it was going to make financial sense to buy my own press and print them myself…a product that I was then in control of from start to finish. I read all about mug presses and researched for a while. I’ve bought a top quality one which produces dishwasherable mugs with a fabulous print on them. The first mug I printed remains on my desk as my pencil pot…it was a magical moment peeling off the paper the very first time!

Since then, it has gone mad…so many orders. I’m going to have a self indulgent moment… more than 2000 #Addict mugs now sold. Amongst the proud owners are Theo Paphitis (pic below), Sarah Brown, Kirstie Allsopp, Emma Forbes, Dannii Minogue, the cricketer Matthew Hoggard and many other lovely, lovely people. I have just printed a mug for Mr Gary Barlow @GBarlowOfficial as he now seems to have got the ‘Twitter Bug’.

Thanks to many blog posts – including a lovely one by Emma Forbes here and many other lovely blogger competitions, an inclusion in the NotOnTheHighStreet catalogue, I think we can safely say that ‘word has got out’.

Other people have grabbed the idea and blown their trumpet about it (and, who knows, there may have been others I hadn’t heard of before mine) but as far as I’m concerned…for over 2000 #Addicts, the Name Art #Addict mug is the original and the best :)

As you know, I am *mad* about twitter, it has made ALL the difference to Name Art. I am @CharisNameArt if you’re not already following. It’s an amazing community of (generally) encouraging, lovely people…I wish the world was like twitter! The #Addict mug can be ordered here.

I shall now put my trumpet back in the case…and return to my designing LOL! Thanks for listening!

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2 Responses to Blowing My Own Trumpet…

  1. Amanda says:

    Hi Charis, you know I am already a big fan of your designs and a fellow Twitter Addict! You were one of the very first people I ‘met’on Twitter and were there at the start of Gift Wrapped & Gorgeous. It seems such a long time ago and you have come so far. Well done!! You are one amazing lady!!

    Love Amanda x

  2. Alicia Cowan says:

    Hi Charis

    You should be proud of your #Addict mugs – they’re fab. I love mine which is why I shouted about them from my own Twitter perch. And, they make perfect gifts for Twitter addicts too.

    It’s great to hear about another Twitter success story. Congrats!

    Alicia (@AbsoluteAlicia)

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