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An update on Name Art and *me*!

Sorry I have been so quiet, life has taken over somewhat!

You’ll remember some time ago that I wrote a post about teaching and it had a very strange effect on me. It made me quite nostalgic and reminded me just how much I loved teaching. I honestly thought that post-children I would never have the confidence to return to it. However, soon after writing the post, I offered myself as a supply teacher at the lovely school that my boys go to. What happened next was quite a rollercoaster! I was invited in for a chat with the headteacher which resulted in me being offered an afternoon a week. I was so excited about the opportunity to regain confidence and get back into school.

Over the summer holiday a member of staff sadly became unwell and I got the call and was asked if I could cover the Year 2 class until she got better. I was given time to think about it, but I spoke to my husband and rang back to say ‘yes’ within 20 minutes (before I could change my mind)!! What had I done?! I said ‘yes’ because it is an amazing opportunity to properly get back into teaching, it’s a lovely school with hard-working, friendly staff. No one knew how long the lady would be off for and I am still teaching year 2 now – 3 terms in to the school year. I am *loving* it but it is really hard work juggling 5 days teaching with Name Art and being a mummy.

I have neglected Name Art a little bit…but amazingly profit is up on last year…less effort, more profit – perfect!! I will not continue teaching this much forever and I look forward to giving Name Art a little more time. Thank you for continuing spreading the word whilst I’m in this bubble of manicness (I know that’s not a word!!).

I think the biggest challenge is that I love social networking and yet my life has been filled with teaching and I have to be so careful what I say and what I share. I want to talk about my days…my successes and my frustrations…as I have become so used to doing. But that is not appropriate…so I have been a little quiet.

So, as it’s half-term, I just wanted to say: hello, thank you for remaining interested in Name Art and continuing to order and that I haven’t forgotten about chatting and sharing with you all….this arrangement won’t be so full on forever and so I WILL BE BACK!! I have so many exciting ideas up my sleeve…up both sleeves and trouser legs too!!…that’s my main frustration as I can’t wait to get designing again. But for now, I have 24 lovely 6 and 7 year olds who have to be my priority…oh and a gorgeous 5 and 7 year old of my own who have just been so patient about all the changes.

Enough for now, but thank you,

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2 Responses to An update on Name Art and *me*!

  1. YAY! Good for you, in all respects, it sounds fantastic!
    But speaking completely selfishly, cant wait to have you back :)

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