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One Day Workshop

Charis can come into your school for ONE DAY to teach approximately 60 children, or 2 classes.

In this instance Charis would typically talk to all 60 children together and then send them off to their respective classrooms with a time limit to complete a task.

They would then reconvene to discuss the next part of the process, it is set up very much like a business, with clear guidelines and deadlines.

Class teachers would need to be on hand to assist, especially when the children are in their separate classrooms.

The 60 children would tend to be of similar ages, eg. a year 4 and a year 5 class or a reception and a year 1 class.

Each child would end the day with a saleable product - a badge/magnet/mirror, mug or coaster.


All materials* will be provided. Bespoke days around a specific theme or product can also be arranged. 


*Extra materials & travel to be arranged prior to a visit.

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