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FootPrint Wallstickers

NameArt have designed these highly personalised FootPrint wall art stickers as an extension to their FootPrint range, each one incorporates a name.

A perfect gift for growing families (including pets!) and grandparents as the footprints can be added to over time. Newly weds and groups of friends also love to display their journey together. Each set of FootPrint wall art stickers is unique and highly personalised , drawn by hand initially.

Each letter / toe is an individual sticker but but they are grouped together as a single footprint, allowing easy application.

Create your own personalised wall space, or artistically position them climbing up the stairs - let your imagination run wild!

There is also the option for some title text.

The footprint stickers are available in 22 of colours of vinyl - some bold, some subtle - including metalic gold and silver - please choose from the colour palette picture. Pairs of footprints can be different colours, perhaps to reflect personality, or they can all be the same.

Each pair of footprints can be a different size, just enter the length (from heel to tip of big toe!) for each pair - up to 33cm.

If ordering pet paws, please state whether they are cat or dog paws (or anything else?!).

In the boxes please enter two names, colour (chosen from the colour palette) and length (in centimetres) :

e.g. "Charis Slade, bubblegum, 24cm, human" or "Humphrey Slade, black, 10cm, dog".

Wallstickers usually take 2-5 days to produce, but if you are in a hurry for it, please select our 2 day express delivery service.

Made from:

The vinyl used is a matt vinyl, so it gives the impression of being painted on the wall. It can be applied to smooth, grease and dust-free surfaces, even those with a slight curve. However, it would be best to avoid using the stickers on a bumpy woodchip-type surface.

The stickers are designed to be semi-permenant, they won't come off unless you want them to and, if you do want them to, they should come off without leaving a mark and may even be able to be repositioned. Enclosed are easy to follow instructions and a little tester sticker for you to practise with, if you wish.


The length of Footprints range from 10cm to 33cm depending on your requirements. Orders will be sent as individual footprints, in sturdy flat cardboard, and with a set of easy to follow instructions.

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Available Options

* Number of Pairs:

* 1ST PAIR: 2 names, colour, size & type:

2ND PAIR: 2 names, colour, size & type:

3RD PAIR: 2 names, colour, size & type:

4TH PAIR: 2 names, colour, size & type:

5TH PAIR: 2 names, colour, size & type:

6TH PAIR: 2 names, colour, size & type:

7TH PAIR: 2 names, colour, size & type:

8TH PAIR: 2 names, colour, size & type:

* Title text required?:

Optional Title Text:

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